The Sustainable Solutions for Growth (SSG) conference is designed as a platform for reporting, discussing, improving and disseminating recent innovative and sustainable solutions facilitating economic growth. SSG is designed as a highly interdisciplinary event bringing together innovators, researchers, investors and other stakeholders under common goal – creating, evaluating, implementing and benefiting from sustainable innovations. SSG will thus support innovative projects and bring benefits to all involved stakeholders. Participants from universities, institutes, NGOs, associations, companies, venture capital funds, consultancies, etc. are invited. It is an international conference with ambitions to share leading ideas, expertise and highlight business opportunities. SSG aims to be one of the most influential channels transferring innovative sustainable solutions from owners to practice thereby these solutions may start to generate revenues. The conference is a must for research groups and individuals developing truly innovative and sustainable solutions and seeking opportunities for commercialisation. On the other hand, commercial companies seeking opportunities to invest in innovations and expanding to new markets will be interested in examining solutions presented at SSG. This will be achieved under the umbrella of expert consultants and service providers which also may benefit from the participation in SSG. Research done in academia related to e.g. innovation management, economic growth or in any way supporting the development and evaluation of high-income sustainable solutions is also vital to the success of SSG. The conference will therefore facilitate interactions between innovators and investors under the umbrella of associated stakeholders and scientific institutions. In addition, delegates from enterprises may benefit from sponsoring, exhibiting and networking thus creating the environment for enhanced business development. The participation mode can be either in-person or virtual. Digital conference Proceedings including abstracts and contact details of all accepted contributions will be published on-line in open-access. The abstracts of sustainable solutions in the open-access will not reveal confidential information, which can be obtained by contacting inventors. Submitted full manuscripts will be internally reviewed by SSG international referees and review outcomes communicated to authors for facilitated publication in leading international journals and edited books. The most innovative sustainable solutions presented at SSG might be implemented in the business practice thus bringing benefits for innovators, investors and associated stakeholders.